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    Our cheese sticks are ideal for any type of gathering, celebration or party. You can show off your perfect host skills, provide your children a delicious breakfast, or you can make your snacks and dinners an entire new experience with our produc

    Share your best moments, with Picaditas.

     Our other products:

    Meat “empanadas” patties
    Mozarella cheese sticks
    Three-cheese sticks
  • Easy to make, easy to share.

    ProductosLocated in what is known as the capital of the free-trade agreement with United States, because of it’s excellent geographic  location and for being Colombia’s golden gate, Barranquilla’s Congelados de Colombia is a business that counts with 18 years of experience in the market. It generates jobs for single mothers and handicapped people, and thanks to their handiwork and the handmade processes it can put a bit of love in each product that makes its way to the customers, plus the high quality standard in their processes, including rapid deep freezing system, have allowed it to  to enter the market of the most recognized private label super-market chains in Colombia.